Djs: Moonilena (SE), Rosemary Loves A Blackberry (RU), Фера Ледяева
featuring artist Vasilina Polyanina

YES EVERYTHING NOW #2 is the second of the series of parties, which started a year ago in the framework of DOTYK festival of queer culture. We present a selection of contemporary electronic music and art, connected to queer and feminist contexts, and invite you to join our drastic celebration. YES EVERYTHING NOW is a slogan, necessary for the restitution of the repressed desire from under the police truncheon, from the unrealized utopias, public restrooms and kitchens to the public space. This discotheque must be impossible! No sexism, no racism, no homophobia!

Curated by Aleksei Borisionok and Olia Sosnovskaya
Place: SQUAT, Oktyabrskaya street 16/3
Entrance fee: 10 byn/ 8 byn with a poster repost



Marlena Lampinen aka Moonilena is a DJ, producer, as well as sound and visual artist based in Stockholm. She’s known for releasing eclectic mixtapes, ranging from frail and beautiful soundscapes to more body and mind-twisting waves and beats. She is co-running an independent label ‘Moloton’ based in Stockholm with Linus Hillborg. This year she will release a vinyl on Moloton in collaboration with artist Sonja Tofik.
Together with music artists Lap-See Lam and Anja Enerud they ran a club concept Arcade Overseas with focus on experimental electronic music and also visual and performance art by exclusively female and transgender people.
Marlena has performed at NORBERGFESTIVAL and Intonal (Sweden) and Under Bron and Fylkinegen in Stockholm besides many other places. She has also intensively released mixes and performed at Swedish Radio.

Rosemary Loves A Blackberry

Diana Burkot is a musician and an artist from Moscow. She used to be the drummer in no wave noise rock band ‘Fanny Kaplan’ and a member of the feminist noise group ‘Pripoy’. In Minsk, Diana will perform with her solo project Rosemary Loves A Blackberry.
Her intense and productive musical career began more than 12 years ago, during this time she was a member of many bands, experimenting with punk, jazz and electronic music. In 2017 her EP “5” was released on DETROIT UNDERGROUND label and later “❤” album on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray. Diana graduated from the Moscow College of Improvisational Music and the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, she works with video art, installation, performance and sound art.
She performed at numerous venues in Russia and Europe, from underground clubs to large festivals such as Moscow Music Week, Pain, Form (Russia), Kalabalik på Tyrole (Sweden), GAZE (USA), Incubate (Netherlands) and in the framework of art projects.

Fera Ledyayeva

Being the collector of records with an ideal taste, she has been making the dance floors of Minsk bars and secret parties sparkle for several years. Not subscribing to a single genre, she skillfully weaves into her mixes everything from low-fi house to hardcore punk, feeling every one of your nerve. This night we are waiting for a languid and mysterious DJ set from Fera Ledyayeva. Not for yourself – for the feelings. For fans of unexpected dance music.

Vasilisa Palianina

She’s an artist who works with graphics, photos, installation, performance and poetry. Vasilissa Polyanina addresses the themes of self-identification, sacrifice, manifestation of the psychological and the affective through the body, and the social through the private. Her works were presented at solo and group exhibitions in Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, the United Arab Emirates and others. She was the founder of the art and literary magazine “Makulatura” (2014-2017).
Especially for Yes everything now # 2 Vasilisa will present a new artwork.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
  • Developed by null_studio