Three works at a canteen. Exhibition by Jaanus Samma

Three works at a canteen. Exhibition by Jaanus Samma
Date: 27.10-27.11
Place: Minsk, ex-canteen ‘Kalibr’ factory
Open ceremony: 27.10 at 19.00
free enterance
Jaanus Samma’s exhibition “Three works at a canteen” at the Canteen Gallery brings together three of his projects that tackle the issue of sexuality, community and self-actualisation.
“Chairman. The Opera” is a fictional opera about a notorious gay man in Soviet era Tartu. On the photographic rendering of the play we can see different scenes from his colourful life that ended tragically. The fictional opera, which is based on archival material and interviews, gives a glimpse into the life of sexual minorities in Soviet Estonia.
“Toilet Posters” is an artist book consisting of 13 suggestive posters that are meant to be used in private and public toilets. The images are from books that surrounded the artist during his adolescence and influenced his first erotic fantasies. Some come from art history, some from popular culture, but they were all part of his visual upbringing and became inadvertent instruments of his sexual formation.
“Sweaters” is a series of colourful knitwear with sexually explicit patterns based on graffiti found in urban space. Warm and soft knitwear shifts the original meaning of the graffiti and gives it another perspective.The pieces are meant to be worn, playing with the notion of public and private space. By labelling the wearer with those grotesque and often offensive images the project tries to underline the error in the society where normality is often considered as something unquestioned.

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