The workshop «Migration and fleeing: the aspect of LGBT»

 February 26th, 7.30 pm

The artist and social worker of the Berlin center for refugees Mischa Badasyan (Germany) and «Human Constanta» human rights organization (Belarus)

A year ago the artist Mischa Badasyan began work in the refugee camp Tempelhof. This event fundamentally changed his life. Now he is devoted to his work with refugees around the clock: as a worker of the center, as an individual, as an artist.

During the event Mischa will tell us about work in the refugee camp Tempelhof and activity of two LGBT organizations Miles and Quarteera which support the LGBT refugees in Berlin.He also presents the new video PRISTINE. Through creature the artist tells us about the tragedy of people who have been forced to be out of touch with their roots and to plant new trees as yet strange country.

Also «the Human Constanta» human rights organization which staff deals with issues of refugees and migrants in Belarus (including migratory crisis in Brest) will present a report on work with refugees.

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