The Swedish Program of a short film “Simple life” (Sweden)

March 25th, 6.00 pm


John and Nicolas are 15-years teenagers and they are best friends. Both of them want to make acquaintance with girls, but they feel really diffidently themselves. What if it come to a sexual contact with a women? And they decided first of all make an experiment with each other…

Next door letters

Lia and Sandra are decided make fun of Melita: they sent love letter to her and signed it with a men name. When the answer came Lia started a secret correspondence. But something that was just a joke became a hard point in Lia’s life.
Next Door Letters is an animated short film founded on a true story about play with identity.

Best Swedish Short Audience Award, Gothenburg International Film Festival 2012
The Gold Plaque for Best Student Film, Chicago International Film Festival 2012
Outlook Award for Best LGBT Short, Corona Cork Film Festival 2012
OUTTV Audience Award for ‘Best Short: Female’, Roze Filmdagen 2013, Amsterdam


An experiment short film made by Klais Ladin and David F. Sandberg (famous directors of horror film) about Thailand transfer women who has been faced with the most difficult decision in her life. Should she go to Canada to the heart’s call or stay in the Bangkok to help her family by trading body? This choice is the most difficult that anyone could imagine.


Robert and Victor are 15-years boys and they are friends. But Victor has to leave the city tomorrow. They play and get crazy. Looking at them we can understand that there is something much more than just a friendship. Immersed in the childhood memories, this film explores emotional and sexual boundaries.

A simpler life – Ett enklare liv

Inga-Mary and Carl are very busy: she is by trainings and he is by gardening. They surrounded themselves with gadgets, which make their life much easier. But for the truth  it make only difficulties in their life. This is a reflection riddled with subtle humor of one hot summer day of  their life.

Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven – Morfar and jag och helicopter

In their world everything made with a humor, warmth and love: there is a deep and aflutter friendship between boy and his grandpa who confined to bed.
Grandpa has a secret and he want to share this with his grandson and they decided to take in a last trip.

Birthday – Fodelsedag

Sara loves her wife Catharine and have prepared a surprise for her fortieth. But she didn’t knew that Catharine also decided to immortalize this day in her on way.
Showed on 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

On suffocation

Iran. Two guys had been sentenced to death for homosexual relationships.
There is no words in the film.
Showed on 2013 Sundance Film Festival. In 2014 had been rewarded by “Goldden Beetle”- Shweden National Movie Awards – in the nomination “The best short movie”.
Betsy Sharkey from Los Angeles Times called it “silent triumph”.

The films translates on the original language with a Belarusian subtitles.

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