The program of a short movie by Russian directors “One day from life…”

February 26th, 3.30 pm

International LGBT-film festival “Side by side” (Russia)
International LGBT-film festival “Side by side” will represent a program of a short movie “One day from life… “ Four filmstrips made by Russian directors telling us about life of LGBT-people, and about problems they encountering with and some of them… together.Film “Holiday interview” made by Russian researcher Alina Rudnitskaya about how the private life of a same-sex couples are relates with а state policy: military victory parade in the ST. Petersburg, tanks on the Palace square, the raging demonstrators on the one hand, and fears, hopes and reflections of lesbian and gay people about themselves and their place in the world on the other hand.

A graduate of the workshop of Marina Razbezhkina Olga Privalova didn’t draw parallels with the policy. She was able to reduce human distance to such an extent that the explicit recognition and the complex, often shocking scenes from characters’ life are fascinating and not leave the audience indifferent. The film “Who are they?” is asking who are really these unknown “sexual and gender minorities”, how they are living and why they turn out in the center of attention.

The documentary film “Leave the room” touches on another painful topic, HIV. The heroes lives with a HIV for a few years and they meets in a support group where they want to find a hope and a support in the each other. Friends, relatives and social structure give no support, no understanding. And everything that action heroes have is themselves and their own courage to go through the hard testing.

Kristina Kvitko, the author of the film “Behind closed doors”, which will be presented in the book trailer, worked on a feature-length film of the same name during the creation of the collection. A film is telling about 60-years Natasha. Behind her shoulders compulsory examination in a psychiatric hospital, and jail, and the refusal of the parents, and a difficult relationship with her son … However, the strength and uniqueness of the character of Natasha, who is ready and after prison to fight for her rights and human dignity, deserves respect, despite her inconsistency.

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