The exhibition «We are (not) alone»

February 24th-March 6th

The exhibition «We are (not) alone» will take place at the same time with the festival and as its integral part. Desire of solidarity and reaction to events of 2016 year underlies the artistic statement. The hypertrophic not serious title of the exhibition is situated on an equal level with Trump’s populist messages. Is there any way to be serious when you are more likely to cry. When you believe in freedom, equality, brotherhood and then, suddenly, you’ve got punch to the gut – hostilities, migration crisis, brexit, Trump’s election.
During the festival you can get more information about the exhibition visiting excursion with its curator and participants and also an artist talk with Alisa Oleva (Russia, the UK) and Misha Badasyan (Germany).


VOX STUDIO (Belarus, Germany), Daria Danilovich (Belarus, France), Yuliya Shafran (Belarus, Lithuania), Alisa Oleva (Russia, the UK), Misha Badasyan (Germany), Ann Antidote (Germany), Clara Almeida (France), “Grechascha” band (Belarus, France), Julia Shvabovich (Belarus), Elena Petrova (Belarus).

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
  • Developed by null_studio