Soviet Harvy Milk? The story of Nick Polyakov

We invite you to the screening of the play performed by “Theatre. doc” company “Non/pervesion” based on the archival documents of the early soviet queeremancipation. The play was written by Valeriy Pecheykin inspired by the letters to Vladimir Behterev, Soviet psychologist, one of the biggest and most respected specialists of his time. People from all the classes and corners of the USSR wrote to him about the struggles with their sexuality.

The play will be presented by Ira Roldugina (Russia), historian, Oxford University PhD. Ira will tell the story of Nick Polyakov – a person who became a symbol of not only courageous publicity during the emancipation but the main lyric character of the play. At the heart of the performance – small parts of the unfair queer-life during the hard period of repressions.

After the film there will be a discussion with Ira Roldugina.
The entrnce is free.

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