Short films program #5films4freedom

 March 5, 4.00 pm

5films4freedom is the international project of British Film Institute and the British Council. The directors from five countries have joined together to show the on-screen love in its various manifestations. They have created five unique love stories: love in high school or love in retirement age; in the futuristic state of the future or   in a typical English countryside as if from Jane Austen’s stories; real and fictional; love in its true sense,first love, attraction, passion, partnership and empathy.

«Chance» directed by Jake Graph tells the story of Trevor and Amir love. The language barrier makes them find a better language to express their feelings. This movie is warm and pleasant, full of tenderness and love.

Nisha Granata in her film «Code Academy» represent the future where people spend all their free time in individually designed simulations of reality. Granata manage to shoot a smart Sci-fi not forgetting at the same time about humanity.

Many people consider «Morning is Broken» directed by Simon Anderson to be the best of five represented. Moving shooting «able to see beauty in each blade of grass» is complemented by subtle plot, which the director reveals via profound dialogues and scarcely noticable gestures. While our heroes Nick and Sam dressed in suits and ties are going throught english fields or boating, you may feel constant tension and innueldo between them solved in culmination of this tragic story.

In a world where LGBT+community still have to fight against stereotypes and prejudices, fight for the right to be with their loved ones – very simple and basic human right.

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