Q&A with organizers of International LGBT film festival «Side by side» (Russia)

February 26th, 4.30 pm

International LGBT film festival «Side by side» exists in Russia (Saint-Petersburg) till 2008 and it’s activity create open cultural space in which gay, bisexual and transgender people can can freely express and explore their identities. SbS calls for fighting against all forms of discrimination and inequality based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity

Showing the authors’ movies the festival creates a wide space for discussion with a wide public, dispels myths and throw down a gage to stereotypes that still thwart the development of Russian LGBT community.

“Side by side” film festival is intensively working in St. Petersburg and Moscow and more than 15 other Russian cities regularly take place special film festival’s screenings and discussions.

In addition to film screening, SbS is producing films, publishing educational brochures, books, comic books. An important part of the work – the development of volunteerism and activism. Working with other civil society organizations, the media, and public authorities is in our priority tasks as well.

For almost 10 years of existence of festival organizers had to face many difficulties: disruption of screening, prohibitions, pressure, provocations and litigation. In spite of all the trials Festival continues its existence and the fight for freedom of expression and for human rights.

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