IV International queer history festival DOTYK schedule

“Canteen XYZ” (Vulica Fabrycyusa, 4, 3rd floor)


April 6th (Friday)

19.00 IV International queer history festival DOTYK Opening Ceremony.

20.00 “Soviet Harvey Milk? The story of Nick Polyakov. Screening of the play based on archival documents and performed by “Theatre.doc” company.

The play will be presented by Ira Roldugina (Russia), historian, Oxford university PhD.

April 7th (Saturday)

10.00-17.00 Conference “Queer history of the USSR and post-Soviet countries” (languages – Russian and English).

Speakers: Uku Lember (Estonia), Janis Ozolins (Latvia), Galina Zelenina (Russia), Pavel Golubev (Russia), Ineta Lipša (Latvia), Pavel Chepyzhov (Russia), Uladzimir Valodzin (Belarus/Italy).

17.00 Public lecture “Homosexual subjectivities in multinational USSR”. Arthur Clech (France), researcher in Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales. Lecture will be held in Russian.

19.00 Olga Krauze concert (Russia/Ukraine).

23.00 Party “Yes everything now #2”. Moonilena (SE), Rosemary Loves A Blackberry (RU), Fera Ledyaeva (BLR)

April 8th (Sunday)

14.00 Wokrshop “The Safe Space Manifesto” Presented by Alena Agarelysheva, sociologist, Community Centre for LGBT+ people and their close ones coordinator.

15.00 “MAKEOUT, why are you making a print magazine in XXI century?” Presentation of the outcomes of the MAKEOUT print magazine project and a discussion about ways to preserve queer history.

17.00 Public lecture “An Archive of Freedom, or “Gay Propaganda”?: Russia’s Gay and Lesbian Press in the 1990s”. Dan Healey (Great Britain), Professor of Modern Russian History, University of Oxford. Lecture will be held in Russian.

19.00 Open talk “Queer of the late Soviet period: people, events, memories”. Olga Krauze (Russia/Ukraine), singer-songwriter, poet. Elena Gusiatinskaya (Russia), founder of the Russian LGBT archive. Moderator: Ira Roldugina (Russia), historian, PhD researcher, University of Oxford. Open talk will be held in Russian.

The program is a subject to possible changes.

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