Opening film

Opening film «Who gonna loves me now?» Directed by Barak Heymann, TomerHeymann, Alexander BodirSafir (Great Britain, Israel), 85 min.

February 24th, 7 pm 

18 years ago a young jew Saar from a religious family had to leave his native kibbutzdue to his sexual orientation.

He moved to London, where he became able to live his own life eventually. His family faced one more challenge, when Saar appeared to be HIV infected. Now the young man needs affection and acceptance from the family side while they are struggling with their fears and prejudices.

There is a story about forgiveness and the power motherland has,despitethe distance.

Heymann brothers and Saar go to Israel, aiming to meet the family and try to find affection and acceptance. While talking to his relatives, Saar is trying to overcome all the contradictions and find the way to reunion. He is seeking an opportunity to become a part of the community again, being himself at the same time. How to choose between the community and the personal identity? Maybe the one thing does not exclude the other?

Saarwith other participants of London gay chorus has recorded a great soundtrack to this film.

Berlin film festival 2016 People’s Choice Award («Panorama» program).

The language of the film is original, accompanied with Belarusian subtitles.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
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