Live action role-playing game «LARP as way of a gender issues research» by public association “The educational centre “POST”

March 4th, 12 pm


Larp is a live role-playing game, where game masters simulate a situation and announced players participate as characters. Larps often explore sensitive social topics while helping their players to act out all the scenarios and sometimes have a broader view of the problem.

Events included in DOTYK can be divided into two parts. Within the first one organizers will speak about larp, how various gender problems can be raised within it and what famous larps where written on the given topic. Then all the participants will be offered to take part in one of four scenarios dedicated to the topics of gender discrimination, gender roles, feminism, research of sexuality and queer identity, with following discussions.



Main body

3-12 participants

30-120 minutes

Physical larp, which explores the problem of the objectification of women and women’s body, which is torn into pieces: breasts, skin, eyes, vagina, etc. These pieces do not possess individuality and they equate women’s body to a piece of meat.



3+ participants

45 minutes

There are some gender restrictions in our culture, which determine the way we move and its spatial location. The scenario explores this topic. It is a non-verbal larp, where the conditions and restrictions are highly exaggerated and they reveal existing behavioural patterns, which often are not recognized in real life.


“Grey zone”

5 participants

45 minutes

All the actions are happening in a head of a woman, who had a sexual contact with a partner she never wanted. Each participant acts out a voice in the women’s head.

What exactly happened yesterday? Who is guilty? What should she do now?

All the questions should be answered and decisions should be made before the alarm clock rings.


Red lipstick

3 participants

40 minutes

Sofia is a feminist. Today she’s participating in TV debates and her opponent Henry is a famous sexist and fighter for men’s rights. 20 minutes before the debates Sofia is trying to decide whether to wear lipstick or not. She imagines a number of possible scenarios, trying to decide what defines a feminist woman and what kind of reaction she can cause from other feminists.


About the organizers:

Masha Karachun, Zhenya Karachun, Olya Rudak and Nastya Sinitsina

Team of larp-designers, who work together since 2013. During participating in Summer larp school in 2013 (an intensive educational event on the basics of larp-design) they come across an idea of the first joint larp, which was written in the autumn 2013. Since then they create larps together and they have already made 6 of them.

Since 2016, the team organizes Minsk larp-festival, which is held in April. Besides, the team keeps in touch with international larp-community, attending international festivals and conferences, where they organize their larps and tell about Belarus and Belarusian community.

In 2015, two participants of the team attended one of the most famous larps in Scandinavia «Just A Little Loving», which describes life of gay-community in New York in the early 1980s, about their dreams, problems and fears. Inspired with this experience, they held a scaled-down model of this larp a year ago only for 5 people. The provoked many discussions and strong emotions of the players, since an important topic of the given scenario is AIDS and the way the illness affects the community and relationships between characters. The team is planning to hold this larp again in 2017, paying more attention to the gender topic. Belarusian community already has larps, devoted to such topics as abortions, sexuality, institution of marriage and stereotyped ideas of family.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
  • Developed by null_studio