Lecture «Homophobia as biopolitics»

February 25th 2.30 pm

Social activist and researcher Roman Leksikov (Ukraine).

By examining sexism, homophobia and transphobia as well as fighting them, we examine the phenomenon of power and resist the pressure imposed over us by this power. But why talking about power we primarily associate it with politics or economy and absolutely disregard the very essence of it, which reveals itself in the control of our lives and bodies.

Necropolitics is one of the aspects of biopolitics, a method of expression of power and sovereignty, when someone has an authority to decide, who will live and who should die. Hate crimes against LGBTQ+, the acts of sexual violence performed in the closed spaces represent its private instances, and fear evoked by this acts among LGBTQ+ community is a private case of silent terror.

What are the routes and nature of homophobia– and transphobia –based violence in the closed spaces in Ukraine, Belarus and other post–Soviet countries? How these marginal norms became part of mass culture? How homophobia and transphobia are reflected in our language? What are special features of homophobia– and transphobia–based hate crime in the post–Soviet space? Why these phenomena are two strong representations of patriarchal double standards towards homosexuality of men and women? What kind of danger brings the new ideal of manhood produced by this culture? But what is the most pending issue is how to tackle this?

We will try to find answers to these difficult questions during the lecture and a discussion, which will follow it.



Roman Leksikov (Ukraine) – independent LGBTQ+ movement, social and human rights activist, researcher in the field of queer, gender, postsocialist anthropology and criminology.

A team member of Queer Home Kyiv Social Center, Kyiv Pride–2016, co–organiser of the annual international research seminar «Ukraine`s Transition and Gender Equality» (2016 – 2017) as well as «Queer University – 2017».

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