Human Library “The Meeting with Another”

March 5th, 12.00

Imagine that you can literally speak to a book, ask it any question and learn about the character’s background, which was omitted by the author. Human Library doesn’t consist of traditional books. They are represented by people, who want to share their stories and experience with the world. The project organizers say “Not everyone can write a book, but it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say”.In this library a book is a real Person, who has a well-known identity, a rare profession, a unique experience, a way of life or mindset unusual for the “majority”.

The main purpose of project is not just to satisfy the interest, but to connect people, who would never meet under other circumstances. The project helps to discuss stereotypes, get rid of prejudices towards others and to learn how to understand people better.

Human Library is the event filled with human relationships, interesting questions and honest answers.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
  • Developed by null_studio