Ethno-extreme band «IVA NOVA» gig (St. Petersburg, RU)

March 4, 7.00 pm

by DOTYK ft. public association «Radislava»

IVA NOVA – is an alternative ethno-extreme, which combines Slavic motives, punk energy, techno-dance and avant-garde noise experiments in experimental manner. The music is both energetic and creative. It’s impossible to squeeze it in some stylistic frame: it’s much more interesting than its definitions. These girls from St. Petersburg combine their daring attitude and powerful drive with folk experiments and melodic interpretations: they do it skillfully and in style.

The band performed in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland during their 14 year career. IVA NOVA also often participates in various political festivals.


Anastasia Postnikova – vocals, keyboard, percussion
Natalia Potapenko – accordion
Ekaterina Fedorova – drums, percussion
Galina Kiseliova –base, vocals



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