DOTYK Opening Party

February 24th, 11 pm

YES, EVERYTHING. NOW is a manifest which is essential to bring back the repressed desire from under the police baton, out of «Sand»mythical club at bank of the Minsk sea, out of public toilets and kitchens into a public space.

YES, EVERYTHING, NOW: Dotyk Opening Party introduces the face of current electronic music, visual art and performative practice connected to queer and feminist context. No place for sexism, racism or homophobia.

YES, EVERYTHING, NOW will unite musicians from Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus with the purpose for you to melt in dance and music. Sweden guests Hyper Dead( Iris Smeds and Uhan Norling) will present an exclusive dj set made of drive, weird, energetic gabber and dynamic performance. Anatoly Belov and Georgy Babansky, the founders of queer pop-group Lyudska Podoba, will come from Kiev with their dj projects Bouncer’s tears and Komitet.  During his dj sets Anatoly sings self-composed improvised songs. Bryozone, princess of Odessa, will bring southern heat and sea air as well as strange meandering techno accompanied by bewitching vocal. While electronic musician p.m. literally creates by the seaside. She generates a unique supply of instruments using field sounds of her arm recorder extracting bits of natural vibration, transporting us to the lost Crimean beaches.

In order to help you escape from February in Minsk and feel free eventually, artist Alesia Zhitkevich exclusively for DOTYK OPENING PARTY will introduce her new work «Asexual Belarus»(2014-2017). Alesia Zhitkevich lives in Minsk exploring relationships between sexuality, public space and politics in modern Belarusian context. She creates in different mediums of video, graphics and installation.

YES, EVERYTHING, NOW is what for you have outlasted belarusian winter.

YES, EVERYTHING, NOW is eternal freedom of a dance.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
  • Developed by null_studio