DOTYK 2018

IV International queer history festival DOTYK. FROM/TO

IV international queer history festival DOTYK

The international queer history festival DOTYK will take place from April 6th to 8th in Minsk. The main mission of DOTYK is to bring our society closer to tolerance and acceptance, and this year we are going to achieve it together!

In its new format, DOTYK will send us to the past to give us the understanding of our future. The history can become the basis from which the community can start. History can present new ideas and inspire people. It can show us common phenomena in a new surprising way. We want to go deep in queer and LGBT+ history of the USSR to draw conclusions about the present.

The open conference devoted to queer-history and substandard identity in the former Soviet Union with the participation of speakers from Belarus, Russia, Great Britain, Latvia, France and Estonia will be the main events of the festival.

In addition, there will be public lectures, presentations, video-performances, a party and a concert of Olga Krause, the singer and poet.

We are against boring education! In marginalization of the history of LGBT+ community in the former Soviet Union there are perks: instead of sitting in offices we get out on the streets. The lectures of the researchers from the various countries of Europe will tell us about the life of common researchers of LGBT+ community in the USSR, about the difficulties of queer-history preservation, the visibility of LGBT+ community in public space and about the various social aspects of the USSR, such as multinationalism affected LGBT+ community. DOTYK will show how history forms our general “today“.

Historian Ira Roldugina and will present hers and playwriter Valery Pecheykin’s video-project. The performance is based on unique queer-people letters of the early Soviet years (1920th) to Vladimir Bekhterev, the largest expert on sexuality of the era, the psychiatrist and neurologist. In these letters peasants and workers from Odessa, Petrograd, Ekaterinoslav openly wrote about their homosexuality.

“Professor Bekhterev hasn’t responded to the letter of the citizen Polyakov who told him about his private life. Professor just wrote “Perversion” on the letter. I wanted to answer to the citizen Polyakov with this work and to tell him: It is not a perversion. We are with you, dear friend!” – Valery Pecheykin has told about the project.

DOTYK gives the food for soul and body. Musician Ania Zhdanova is going to touch her guitar`s strings and people`s hearts at the commemorative opening of the festival. On Saturday evening there will be a concert of Olga Krause, sincere and fearless poet and performer, the first icon of the Soviet queer art.

At night there will be “Yes everything now #2” party which has already become a tradition. Guest from Sweden Moonilena, Russias’ Rosemary Loves a Blacberry and local resident Fera Ledyaeva will make your body move in celebration of the ultimate freedom and the artist Vasilisa Polianina will present special installation just for the party.

The space “Canteen XYZ” (Fabritius St. 4, the 3rd floor) will be the main place of this festival. All the events of the festival except the party will be free. For 18+ guests only.



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