DOTYK 2017

III International queer culture festival DOTYK. Let your shine out.


The III International queer culture festival DOTYK takes place in Minsk starting on February 24th to March 6th and brings along a bunch of shine! Film screenings, lectures, performances, exhibitions, games, sports activities, excursions, parties –36 events devoted to feminism, LGBT+ and queer topics. DOTYK has collected various program for people interested in problems of gender identity and human rights. This festival is a step to overcoming any cases of sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination in Belarusian society.

The space, new to Minsk, “Canteen XYZ” (vulica Fabrycyusa, 4, 3d floor) is set as the main location. The entrance to the majority of festival events is free except for opening and closing parties and a gig of «IVA NOVA» band. The registration is required for a number of events. The age restriction for festival visitors is 18+.

Cinema. Film screenings are important part of the program. DOTYK, born as a film festival, doesn’t forget its roots, therefore every day the forum is to be followed by the film demonstrations. Documentary and art, full-length and short films tell us about the courageous Iranian girl, who has decided to rap (“Sonita”), tell us about the priest, living in the wrong body, that decided to step on a track of gender confirmation surgery (“Becoming Ann-Christine”), tell us about the religious Muslim gay, making his spiritual way to Islam cradle (“A sinner in Mecca”), tell us, that love belongs to the natural human rights ( “Simple Life”, “#5films4freedom”, “One day of their life …”). There’s a secret about the movies of opening and closing of the festival that is to be revealed closer to the event itself.

Exhibition. The exhibition “We are (not) alone” takes place along with the festival as an integral part of it. The art manifestation of desire of solidarity, reaction to the events of 2016. When one believes in freedom, equality, unity, and gets a hit in the head – war, Brexit, migratory crisis, presidential election of Donald Trump. During the festival, you can learn more about the exhibition by having an excursion with its curators and participants, and an artist talk with Alisa Olyeva (Russia, the UK) and Mischa Badasian (Germany).

Partners. Solidarity and community are the festival leading ideas. They are supported by significant amount of the events organized by our partners. Specially for DOTYK fellow organisations have created new or have agreed to repeat their already successful projects. Within DOTYK joint events take place with such organisations as with Live library, project for women “Zdolnaja”, “MAKEOUT”, public association “Radislava”, human rights organisation “Human Constanta”, public association “The educational centre “POST” ”, International LGBT Film Festival “Side by side” (Russia), Stockholm Film Festival “Queer Cinema” (Sweden).

Music. You can chillax and have a rest from the intense programme at the parties. First comes DOTYK Opening Party: Bryozone (Odesa), Hyper Dead (Stockholm), Komitet (Kyiv), p.m. (Crimea), SLYOZY AMBALA (Kyiv), Alesia Zhitkevich (Minsk). The first Saturday evening comes with DOTYK-Lounge and DJ Scarlett. The ending of the festival is followed by a party with cross-dressing at “Gender Changer” party with DJs Pogodina + Scarlett under the motto “gender free”.

Internationality. Foreign guests and institutions have once again joined the creation of the festival. The pictures of the film programme come from 10 countries: Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. The international group of curators and not less international list of artists have worked on the “We are (not) alone” exhibition. Activists, researchers, human rights defenders and artists from Armenia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, the UK, Ukraine are guests and participants of DOTYK this year.

Advertising campaign. Minsk and shine, which sometimes our city lacks and sometimes bursts with, became a basis of a festival advertising campaign. It is a story telling us, that every person’s shine and glow can make life brighter and happier for people around, that identity of everyone is important and one should not suppress and not be ashamed of their internal light. Also, the campaign supports the idea of solidarity and community. After all, only altogether sparkles create their stunning effect.


Let us shine together.

Let it shine!

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