Conversation «Requirement, desire, law»

March 3, 9.30 pm

Conversation «Requirement, desire, law»  with the invited guest – a historian and art theorist, online magazine «Raznoglasiye» ( editor-in-chief Gleb Napreenko (Russia);

This year DOTYK introduces a new meeting form. Gleb Nepreenko who is a historian, art theorist, online magazine «Raznoglasiye» ( editor-in-chief, will be the first guest of this conversation. One of «Raznoglasiye» magazine editions was dedicated to queer-culture in its broad sense. Gleb and his expert team have collected information about different aspects of queer from urban space and strange, but progressive music of the 90s  till law regulation concerning relations between sexes.

The main point of the conversation: any sex is political, any politics is sexual. Sometimes we raise a number of questions when facing the laws related to gender and sexuality. For example: do they stand for emancipation of natural desire, struggle for social equality or something completely different? How much are sex and politics related? How much does the former influence the latter and vice versa?  During the event participants will answer these questions and those which might appear during the conversation.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
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