Closing film

 “Girls lost”, dir. Alexandra-Teresa Keyning / 2015/106 minutes (Sweden)

March 5, 8.00 pm


Film “Boys” explores the relationships between society and gender, and how they affect the self-determination and sexuality during adolescence. Using the elements of magical realism, the director shows the teenagers who face difficulties, perceive themselves and try to answer the questions about identity and sexuality This is a magical film, it reveals different ways of reading gender.

Three bosom friends are brutally persecuted by schoolmates. One night after a bad day at school girls get drunk and decide to try the wonderful juice that flows from the mysterious flower in the garden. After a while, the girls wake up and discover extraordinary metamorphosis that occurred with them with a last few hours – they turned into boys.

They are interested in changes of their bodies and self-confidence, which appeared with new faces, so friends decide to learn how it is – to live in a world of boys. But the excitement of a magical hooliganism in one moment turns into potential danger, when one of the three friends takeы to heart ершы new identity and unexpectedly fells in love with the classmate.

The film will be shown in original language with belarusian subtitles.

  • Cultural and educational institution "Cinemaclub "Dotyk"’
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